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Beach! Sea! Relaxing!!

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large_938978_13683587228131.jpgVamos!At around 11, we reached our final destination of tis trip. Playa del Carmen. We would stay here, able to relax for a few days, before we went back home.

It took everyone about 2 minutes to be utterly annoyed, thanks to the shopkeepers...we had 2 quiet weeks, now there were people that, no matter how often you walked by, asked the same thing over and over and over again. Now i know what i like about the less touristic sposts... Honestly, i just could kick some of them. But the beach was pretty white, the sea pretty blue, and once we got there everything was alright again :).

The 5a Avenida, or 5th Avenue, is the main shopping street. As a shopping street is intended to be, one street, many stores and restaurants. We also had a massage in those days, which was nice since one of my shoulders really needed it.large_938978_13683586108774.jpg

After two days it was time to go back home. At Cancún Airport we hald 2 hours delay though there was quite a bit of waiting at the airport, but after that it was all well again.

TIP: Do NOT do buy liquids at Cancún Airport!

Some people bought bottles of rum at Cancún airport. They bought it after check in... but at London Gatwick they could not take the bottles with them. The bag wasn't sealed as it apparently was supposed to be (the receipt and everything was still in the bag). But byebye rum bottles. The only way he could take them was to put them in the suitcase and check in again. Except that we didn't have suitcases as they were labeled for Amsterdam, and you're not going to buy a suitcase for two bottles and check them in if you have less then an hour untill the flight leaves...so they had an even less pleasant trip.

I was glad to finally be home again, home sweet home and such. Except for he rain...and 20 degrees celsius difference. So now...let's think about the next big trip :D


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Back to Mexico

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It would take quite some time before we would reach our next destination. First we needed to go the Belize, from there on to Mexico. So we started again early that day.

A nice breakfast at the hotel. It was very nice, except for the fact that it was like the third day we got omelets so it was just too much egg. Luckily there was fresh pineapple and watermelon slices, and toast.

Along the way we had our lunch in Belize, at a restaurant called Cheers. They have amazing hamburgers! Funny thing was the restaurant had a whole bunch of t-shirts hanging from the ceiling, mostly from sport clubs that had lunch there. But really...a lot. We didn't see much else of Belize.

And then...to Mexico! Again. Well that took a whole while. We got at the border and needed about two hours before we were through. A snail could keep up, really the line didn't get any shorter it seemed. Also the border patrols (who need to 'check' the visa form you need to fill in to be allowed in Mexico) were way busy watching a soccer game ;) So it didn't go that fast. But after two hours, we were allowed in, and we could go to our hotel.

It was also nearly dinner time so we went to a pizzarestaurant. With...huge...pizzas. I had a small one, 8 slices...and ate 6. Medium was even worse, and i only could imagine the large ones...The lemonada they served was very refreshing.

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Mexico/Guatemala 2013 - San Juan Chamula Photos

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San Cristóbal de Las Casas

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large_938978_13681957521838.jpgCathedral San CristóbalOr San Cristóbal, or San Cris. We arrived here the night before, and it is such a lovely city! It was colder then the other places we visited, because it is situated in the mountains. At night it was so nice and busy, lots of people, music, artists, everything. We had dinner at a place called Revolution, it was more a café, but the food was delicious.

San Cris is a colonial city as well, as you can see by the way it is build, it also has a big square, like Mérida, with a big cathedral, a city hall, lots of shops, there was a market as well, with everything from clothes to souvenirs. There are people selling handmade table cloths, little wooden animals and necklaces and such. It's a very colorful city as well, all the buildings have a color, not just the color of brick tey're build with. It is a really nice city to walk through.

In the afternoon we visited San Juan Chamula, a Tzotzil Maya town. The church is a very special one, there are no benches, the floor is covered with pine boughs, and everybody, every family, has it's own corner or piece of floor, where they put down candles and pray. They don't have priests, they do everything themselves, their own prayers, but there are medicine men. There are different colored candles, each with their own meaning, and if it's needed they will sacrifice a live chicken, inside the church.

Other then that unfortunately there wasn't much to see there. We went back to San Cristóbal where we had dinner.


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Pretty Blue

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large_938978_13681906893158.jpgFrom Palenque we went for lunch, at the famous waterfalls of Agua Azul. They were indeed beautiful and very, very blue. There were a lot of banana sales women and children at the restaurant... So everybody had bananas before we even had lunch lol :) Lunch was simply but good.

But anyway, after that it was time for another little walk. There is a path along the waterfalls. I think we walked for about 20 minutes (up, then a little less down because we already took the pictures). There are several photo stops along the way. Also lot of souvenir stalls. If you are ever going there, you do not have to walk all the way up. We walked to the bridge that goes over the waterfalls but somewhere half way and at the starting point they're the prettiest to see, farther up it's less and less.


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